Simple Ways to Make Your Small Business Plan Stand Out

It is the dream of any entrepreneur to start a new business. Any small-business owner would agree that getting a company off the ground isn’t easy. There are so many steps to take and a number of things that have to fall into place. One critical piece of the puzzle is developing a business plan. This document will help convince lenders to give you financial assistance and will attract investors to your cause.

Do Your Research

In order to impress lenders, investors and prospective clients, your plan needs to be the result of thorough research and investigation. This isn’t a document you can rush through and slap together in a few hours. Show in your plan that you understand your market and target audience. Have data and numbers to demonstrate your products and services will best meet the needs of your potential customers. Also, take the time to know the competition and what you’ll be up against.

Be Specific

This is your golden opportunity to sell your business and how you’re going to be different and better than competitors in your industry. Tell people exactly what you offer and what sets you apart. Why should someone invest with you instead of the other small business down the road? What makes you so special that you’re going to thrive in a particular market or environment. Tell people precisely what you’ll do for them, and make sure you can deliver on your promises.

Detail Your Marketing Plan 

Any investor, lender or client will want to know how you intend to thrive, even in a down economy and among competitors. With your business plan, marketing is essential. You plan must include a snapshot of your plans for market penetration and how you plan on attracting customers and generating sales. Equally as important, your plan must show how you will mitigate lulls in sales and unforeseen challenges. Talk about your website and what makes it unique. Also, discuss how you will use your site as a sales and marketing tool.

Identify Key People

Your business plan will stand out above others if you can highlight the leaders of your organization. Here’s your chance to brag about them (and you) by showing leaders’ accomplishments, talents and experience in other businesses. By including this in your plan, you can demonstrate that the key pieces are in place for your business to be successful.

No fledging business is complete without one of these creative plans. Use these important elements in your document, and be prepared to make your dreams take flight.


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