Broker Program and Referral Fees: We Show Our Appreciation

At Commonwealth Capital Solutions we are constantly looking to partner with qualified brokers. We understand that a business is only as successful as the team that supports it, so we strive to create the strongest organization possible. That is why we pay top commissions through our referral and broker program.

When you partner with us you can feel confident that you will be treated as a valued partner, because you are. We always protect our brokers and referrals. Though we may need to work directly with clients on larger transactions, we are very clear on the fact that the deal remains yours and you will be fairly compensated for it. Even in cases where we are not able to fund the client we adamantly referring them back to you.

The Program

Our referral and broker program is set up to help us create strong relationships with the best possible brokers, because we strive to be the best. Consider the following aspects:

  • We have the resources and lending capacity to fund large deals and to provide funds in a quick processing time.
  • Our technologies and tools allow you to work wherever you see fit.
  • We are a growing, nationally recognized company.
  • We always strive to pay you what you are worth, and our compensation structure proves it as it is comparable with the best in the industry.
  • In joining our team you will be able to connect and work with other highly skilled professionals.

These are just some of the contributing factors that make our referral and broker program an excellent choice for those looking to advance their careers and make quality business connections.

We welcome you to preview a transaction with us. This will help you to fully understand how our process works, as well as allow you to see firsthand how working with us can benefit you in your career. To apply to the referral and broker program or gain more information, contact us today.