Get a Working Capital Loan to Increase Profits

For any business to flourish, there must be a constant flow of cash in and out of the company, and the inflow needs to be higher for the business to be sustainable. However, businesses often find themselves in situations where their cash outflow exceeds what they have coming in. In such situations, a Working Capital Loan could be advantageous.

Commonwealth Capital Solutions provides Working Capital loans ranging from $10,000 to $350,000. A Working Capital Loan is a cash loan that can be used for ANYTHING – payroll, supplies, equipment, debt consolidation, or just excess liquidity! Unlike other lenders, our application process is very simple and straightforward. We provide loan decisions within 24 hours and funding as fast as 48 hours from when an application is received. Here is the criteria and required documentation to apply for a Working Capital Loan:

  • Funding Amounts: $10,000 – $350,000
  • Repayment Term: 3 – 36 months – with ​fixed daily or weekly ACH payments (M-F excl. holidays)
  • Minimum FICO Score: None
  • Minimum Time In Business: 6+ months
  • Minimum Annual Sales: $120,000+
  • Location: All 50 states and Canada
  • Required Documentation*: (1) One-page application and (2) Last 6 months of business bank statements
  • Restricted Industries: New or used vehicle sales, law firms, debt collection firms, adult entertainment, oil and gas/mining, online app developers, pawn shops, banks/lenders, gaming, nonprofits, churches

*For loan requests over $75,000, the following additional documents are required: (1) the most recent year’s business tax return and (2) a YTD P&L and balance sheet (Quickbooks or similar)

Call or email us at to request an application and secure a Working Capital Loan for your business.